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No slow roll there, I can't see the extra info you will get after he shows a K would be any more useful and you know you are good. Like others have said, its more valuable to you to keep that info from other players rather than force the other player to show.

Slow Rolling in Poker - definition of slow roll in poker There are a few different meanings of “ slow roll ”, so to help clarify its definitions, here are the three possibilities: Where a player intentionally takes a long pause before calling an all-in bet with an extremely strong or unbeatable poker hand. The Slow Roll | Jonathan Little Nit Roll. A slow roll is very different than a nit roll, which is when someone actually does not know if they have the best hand, either because they are confused, do not properly understand hand strengths, or cannot properly see/read the board. Poker Slow Roll Definition -

That, dear readers, is a slow roll in poker. It’s the act of waiting cruelly to turn over a winning hand. It’s psychological torture, bad manners, grossWhat are the odds that all major Nevada casinos will soon stop slow rolling you at blackjack? I predict that by 1993 there won’t be a single major Nevada...

What Is A Slow Roll in Poker? - Casino Answers! When it comes to poker, a slow roll is when you have the best hand in any given situation, however take your time before revealing the hand. This is a very popular strategy among players as it is something that they feel like a pro would do or something you would see in the World Series of Poker, but it is never an acceptable move to pull during a poker game. Poker Slow Roll Definition - The slow-roll is universally considered to be horrible poker etiquette and is the best way to create instant enemies .. 96 Year-Old Slow-Roller .. Newsletter Subscribe to the Grown Women Focus mailing list to receive updates on new arrivals, special offers and other discount information.

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Meanest Slow Rolls in Poker History - PokerTube 18:41 20 Jun. According to the poker wiki page a ‘slow roll’ is “to make a long pause before calling an all-in bet with a strong, usually very strong, hand.” The reason a slow roll is frowned upon is because there is no need for the player to take their time because there is no-one else left to act in the hand.

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As you expand your poker skills, acquiring new strategies and learning proper gambling etiquette, here's one move to avoid making: the "slow roll". What Is Slow Rolling in Poker? | Definition & Meaning ... Slow Roll Poker Etiquette. In order to avoid slow rolling someone, it’s best to get in the habit of just flipping your cards up instantly whenever you make a call. Even with a hand that is less than the nuts, you may be perceived as slow-rolling if the other person has a slightly worse hand. By insta-turning your hands up, you also gain a few ... What a Slow roll God! - YouTube - FREE $150 dollars, educational videos and coaching that starts you on your poker journey from the world's largest Poker School - Try poker without risking your own money, NO DEPOSIT needed ... Slow-roll dictionary definition | slow-roll defined